Open Up, Connect Or You Lose!

by Jay Deragon on 03/18/2014

seven pillarsThe world has become transparent, open and connected. To think, act and design your business and your life in the opposite direction is a waste of time and effort.

Sounds rational doesn’t it? Yet how many organizations and people do you engage with on a daily basis who think, act and continue to design their life and business in the opposite direction of the market?

Digital transformation for most firms and people in the future will be failure because our mental models are stuck in silos, while the heightened social awareness is being fueled by open, transparent and connected networks. As a result, people will silently avoid being part of the conversation that the organisations need, if you keep them out of the conversation (meaning: If you continue to play the top-down card). Sure there will be firms who will succeed in making things work but for the many who simply don’t get it they will lose and lose faster than ever before.

Wisdom vs. Folly: What are you known for?

To not recognize the changing dynamics of today’s marketplace, the world we live in and the mass exodus from the past paradigms is and exhibition of deep denial.  Denying what is happening and to ignore the value being created is foolishness. Foolishness is the opposite of wisdom.

Lets compare the differences between wisdom and foolishness:

  1. Wisdom represents prudence while folly represents poor judgment and the lack of common sense
  2. Wisdom finds knowledge used for meaningful plans while folly makes plans with no knowledge
  3. Wisdom creates reverence and gratitude while folly creates arrogance and disrespect
  4. Wisdom creates good counsel from the many while folly seeks self-justification
  5. Wisdom creates rational behavior while folly creates irrational behavior
  6. Wisdom creates understanding while folly produces confusion
  7. Wisdom creates power while folly is the weakness of fools

Look at yourself, your business listen to your words, your mind and decide what side are you on. Wisdom or folly.

In the transparent connected world wisdom and folly are plain to those who know the difference. It is better, more productive and profitable to be on the side of wisdom.

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