The Rising Influence of Women

by Jay Deragon on 03/24/2014

WomenOfInfluence_Logo-304The influence of women in modern society has become regular topic in main stream and  social media.  Historians will look back and point to this time period as the tipping point of female influence on media, business, politics and social change.

Maddy Dychtwald writes “We are at a true tipping point, at which women are rewriting the rules of the game, questioning old assumptions and inventing new paradigms. As communities, corporations and countries respond, more children will have quality health care and education, workplaces will be more family friendly, men will experience new freedoms and opportunities to pursue a wider range of careers, and companies and countries that accept and facilitate women’s rising power will thrive – as those led by women are already doing.

Men historically have had the greatest  influence on media, business, religion and society in general. That influence has perpetuated mindsets and business models without much advice from women. The media feed the male ego and the stories had a dominant male voice. Those were the old days but the media and the influence has changed because of social media.  

According to data from  financiesonline  women now dominate the use of social media in all major networks except LinkedIn.  However, on LinkedIn Pulse the sixth most followed channel out of a total of 56 channels is Professional Women. Based on the channels growth rate over the last 12 months it is likely to be in the top three by the end of this year.  And that is not all the story…

Women are Leading in the 21st Century

The 21st century will be shaped by a new world power: women.

All around the world women are emerging as a major economic force – and are using their the power of influence to improve society in ways we can only begin to imagine.

Women’s economic influence is happening at every level of society, in every sphere, starting as a tiny ripple, spreading out ring by ring into waves, surges, tsunamis of new vision sweeping over our world. As I write and as you read, women are just beginning to unleash their economic influence, and the smartest workplaces, legislatures, and families see that they have no choice but to follow.

Women have become the majority of the American workforce. And they’re starting to dominate lots of professions — doctors, lawyers,bankers, accountants. Over 50 percent of managers are women these days, and in the 15 professions projected to grow the most in the next decade, all but two of them are dominated by women. So the global economy is becoming a place where women are more successful than men, believe it or not, and these economic changes are starting to rapidly affect our culture

My mother used to say “Someday the world will recognize the value a women creates and then the world will be a better place“. If my mom were alive today to see the rising influence of women she’d simply say “I told you so”.

My mom was a wise women.



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