Chasing The Shiny Object

by Jay Deragon on 04/17/2014

easily-distracted-by-shiny-objectsWe are so easily distracted by those shiny objects that we think have value because everyone else is chasing them. Whether it be a new car, home, clothes or other material things at one time they were all the shiny object of the day and we had to have it at all cost.

The same can be said about emerging new technologies. Instead of taking the time to understand what value they create we chase them without understanding what is the value and how does it benefit me or my business.  If we knew what and how then maybe we could answer why.

The why is rarely asked because of the lack of time and attention to find the answers to why. The lack of time and attention is the result of chasing too many shiny objects without asking what, how and why.

Get in the habit of taking the time to ask what, how and why so you can have more time to discover real value that enables you to create more value for others. Doing so will enable you to become the shiny object that never fades.


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