Had Enough of The Fluff?

by Jay Deragon on 04/23/2014

fluff_tubRemember Marshmallow Fluff? That creamy, fluffy concoction that you simply licked off a spoon and taste so good but provides nothing but empty calories.  It doesn’t provide nourishment for your body, mind or soul.  It kinda reminds me of social media.  All fluff with little substance.

Marketer’s have stuffed so much sickly, sweet gobbledygook down our throats — loads of insta-quotes, and “feel good” fodder — that all the “fluff in our brains” has crystallized into pure sugar.  The sugar highs from all the fluff now has consumers tired and needing rest from the useless calories. Consumers have left the marketer’s “table” looking for real, meaningful nourishment from other people, places and things that matter.

Coming Down Off the Sugar High

How long have we known that eating lots of sugar is bad for us?  A long time.  Now the awareness and knowledge about the value of healthy living and eating is propagated everywhere.  Television shows talk about it, reality shows about the value of losing weight are everywhere, stories in the blogosphere abound with it and more and more people are finally buying into the substance of it.

We’ve also known that the aim of marketing has been to attract, or trap, us into a purchase using “social” media as fluff just like sugar attracts ants. Brands used to simply throw out the “fluff” and consumers, like ants, would come out of nowhere to consume the hype and get a temporary high from feeling good about eating the “fluff”.  Shortly afterwards we woke up and realized we spent too much, ate too much and we were all tired of “following the crowd” at the scent of sugar.  Now we are learning that all this “fluff” is empty promises used to entice us into “feeling good” about nothing.

Social technology, while powerful and valuable, has turned into a fluff machine propagating hyped up promises to get, do, buy, learn, attract and make lots of money.  And the ants have come running to the sugar only to walk away bloated with disappointment, wasted time and warped perspectives about reality. With so much nonsensical and non-informative content pollution filling our steams, it’s no wonder many experts feel consumers are suffering from content (fluff) fatigue.

The evidence is clear. We all need a rest as the result of coming down off the sugar high of all the fluff we’ve been fed and consumed.  Things have gotten out of balance and we are awakening to our maladies knowing that we are the only one who can cure our addiction to the “fluff”.  We’ve all had enough of the “fluff” and now it is time to find real nourishment from people and things that have and continue to create meaningful value for us and others like us.


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