The Emergence of The Relationship Economy

The book titled, ‘The Emergence of The Relationship Economy‘, was reviewed by Doc Searls, co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto, who was kind enough to write the forward to the book.

Part of his comments include “I never got around to writing that book, although I’ve focused intensively on market relationships ever since meeting Sayo. That focus is what led me to meeting and getting to know Scott Allen, Jay Deragon and Carter Smith. And now it pleases me to say that these three men together with Margaret Orem have written the book Sayo assigned me to write. They have explored and unpacked what’s most important and least understood about markets, and have outlined in fine detail the economy that will grow out of relationships in what Cluetrain called the “networked” marketplace.”

The Emergence of The Relationship Economy is having an especially profound effect on businesses and individuals. While individual factors are self-evident, the collective factors are the basis for individual conclusions for strategic opportunities that can be gained from the new economy.

The book provides the knowledge, tools, and suggested skills necessary for improved comprehension of the strategic issues required to succeed in The Relationship Economy. It covers an emerging opportunity for the global community of users/consumers /citizens, consumer brands,media, corporations, non-governmental organizations, and governments to play a critical role in forging this new carbon-neutral economy: The Relationship Economy.

This book details an emergence of a new economy driven by factors that are affecting massive changes to the way people work, play, and live.

This book is a foundational resource for individuals and entities to use as each begins to plan for participation in the accelerated changes brought on my technological advances of the World Wide Web, now known as the social web. The goal of the book is to enable all parties to gain perspective, knowledge, and insight as to the dynamics of technology, the impact of changes brought on by the social Web, and what factors should be considered for the purposes of planning for success or survival.

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