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“I have worked with Jay now for about 9 months. We hired Jay to help us develop a communications strategy using social media. His coaching and advice are changing the game for our company in positive ways. When I first met Jay our industry was languishing in the recession and I needed new thinking to help us rise above it all. Besides the one on one contact I have with Jay I also read his blog post every day and have become a student of social media strategy as a result of his shared knowledge and innovative thinking. If your marketing and advertising efforts arent cutting it anymore and you need to revolutionize your business to meet the new economy then listen to Jay, but be ready for a total disruption because he will turn your thinking upside down – in a good way. Jay is high integrity and I now consider him not only a mentor but a friend.” May 24, 2010

Allen Howell CEO, Corporate Flight Management

“Jay has been an incredible resource for social media strategies and has exceeded my expectations and the expectations of my clients. If you or your organization are looking for an effective approach to social media, Jay is the man. From emerging market companies to the Fortune 500, Jay has the first hand experience and in depth knowledge to deliver solid solutions to meet your goals. I highly recommend his services.” March 5, 2009

Mark Harai

“Jay has been very helpful with sharing his ebook Socialutations. After reading this valuable piece of literture, it makes stepping into this new world of marketing easy to undertand and apply. Thanks Jay. I am definately going to utilize your organization to assist us in this segment of our markeitng strategies.” February 24, 2009

Tedd Howsare , CEO , DigitalZiNN, Inc

“I asked Jay to come speak to our local ASMP photo and Aiga design organization’s about social media after seeing him in action at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon. What an amazing speaker full of facts, inspiration and energy! One of the most knowledgeable internet and media strategist I have ever met! The audience was engaged for two hours and ready to go home and conquer the world wide web after the event! If you have a chance to hear him speak don’t pass it up and if you have a question it is doubtful you can stump this internet genius!!!” February 20, 2009

Sheri Oneal

“World Wide Wow! Jay has opened my eyes to a whole new world, in which virtual opportunities bring tangible results. Though he holds a place at the head table of global Social Media strategies, he’s immensely approachable, gracious in sharing knowledge and keenly aware how the big picture brushes against even the smallest corners of society. He makes daunting topics attainable and helps engage us all in The Conversation. I highly recommend Jay.” February 20, 2009

Irene Williams

“For me to state clearly my admiration and respect for Jay Deragon as a “Social Media Strategist” is a high honor. Certainly, his mentoring to help thousands through his Blogs to “join the conversation” is legendary! Whether an organization is considering Jay as a Speaker or as a Catalyst, my RECOMMENDATION would be Yes, Yes, Yes!” February 18, 2009

David Cooper , Chairman of Board , ASK David Cooper LLC

“Jay is one of those rare individuals, who exemplifies the ‘pay it forward’ motto. Regardless of how busy his schedule is, he always makes time to respond promptly to any and all requests. My challenge now is to emulate his pay-it-forward attitude” December 9, 2008

Jude DSouza , President , eTegrity Services

“Jay is extremely generous with his experience and intellect; an unrivaled mentor and visionary. Jay truly embodies all that we hope the relationship economy can become. He tirelessly connects the dots – when the next great paradigm shift hits, you can be sure Jay will have had something to do with it.” November 11, 2008

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative

Daniel Robles

““Jay is always dependable and very conscientious. He is eager to learn new things and has a positive outlook. Jay is a pleasure to work with. In my opinion, you would be wise to hire Jay. He is a great team player and a self starter. Jay will do a great job for you and contribute to the success of your company.”” September 7, 2008

Alan Delmar , Credit Sales Manager ( A partner of Chase credit card services) , stratmar

“Jay and I have developed social networking forums, methodologies, and principles that we believe will be the future of social economic relationships. During these processes, Jay has proven to be a man of vision, drive, integrity, and determination. He has established himself as one of the most influential thought leaders in the social networking space. As a business partner, I have found that he continues to bring value and credibility in all he undertakes.” August 4, 2007

Margaret Orem , Founder and CEO , Execsolution, Inc.

“Jay is a formidable force of nature. Together with a prodigious talent for strategic thinking, his intuition for ‘what next’ drives both his ambition and curiousity. He gets the big picture and the microcosm. He gets that human needs and bottom line are not exclusive but profoundly inclusive. Jay is the epitome of the Renaissance Executive forging the template for a new paradigm of 21st Century business.” July 22, 2007

Tia Carr Williams , COO , www.amodusconsultants.com

“Jay is one of the few really deep-thinkers about both the socio-cultural implications of social networking as well as the practical business application across a range of industries and sizes of business. Jay challenges me to “up my game”.” July 21, 2007

Scott Social Media Allen , Coauthor, “The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online” , TheVirtualHandshake.com

“Jay is a professional with some of the highest integrity that I have ever seen in an individual. He is a “bulldog” when it comes to commitment to getting the job done right, he is insightful and he is a prolific writer. His direct-and-to-the-point nature make him a valuable asset to any team.” July 17, 2007

Adam J. Kovitz , Executive Director , Relationship Networking Industry Association (RNIA)

“Jay has an endless amount energy, is a wealth of information and he shares all this freely. He has helped so many people in so many ways, and is widely known as a key driver in the business social networking community, in the US and beyond. He is a great inspiration to me on the Chicago projects I work on and continues to be a driving force in connecting us all!” July 4, 2007

Mary McFarlin , Senior Consultant, International Business Development , World Trade Center Illinois

“I met Jay through the another networking group, and within a week, he had given me work and more leads than I had gotten on my own during the past six-months! Thanks, Jay, for letting On the Mark Writing work for you and Link to Nashvile. I appreciate your coaching me into the business world with your expertise!” May 12, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Mark Kerrigan

“When I first saw Jay’s initiative of WirelessFactors, I was impressed. He discovered a true need, i.e. to have a Wireless-related forum that is open to anyone in the industry who wants to share his ideas, new concepts, challenging thoughts, exciting business opportunities, etc. with other members. Through conversations with Jay, I have come to appreciate Jay in person, as an excellent networker, as courageous entrepreneur. For me Jay is someone who makes things happen, to the benefit of a whole industry ! Looking forward to further collaboration …” January 20, 2007

Peter De Groof , Sr Controller ICT , BASE

“I worked with Jay for several years while at Nextel, launching several XSVoice services and strategic offerings to support our NASCAR and Latino sponsorships. Jay brings tremendous energy and passion to all that he does. He is resourceful and flexible in his approach, and is not afraid to challenge conventional thinking. I’m sure Jay will bring the same energy and enthusiasm to Wireless Factors.” December 15, 2006

Stephen Ryan , Sr. Manager, Digital Media , Nextel Communications

“Having had numerous opportunities to speak with Jay, I am impressed with his responsiveness, knowledge and passion for delivering value via Wireless Factors.” December 11, 2006

Steve Bueling , Business Development Specialist , eWork Markets

“As the visionary chairman of XSVoice, Jay Deragon grew the mobile audio company’s Mobile Broadcast Network with content deals from 100 or so content providers including the Associated Press, Disney, Fox News, Listen.com, National Public Radio, Sporting News Radio, and World Radio Network before selling the firm to UpSnap for about $6.3 million.” November 7, 2006

Ed Dodds , Strategist , Conmergence
was with another company when working with Jay at Jay Deragon & Associates

“I have been following Jay’s blog posts all over the net for several years and have always found his posts, insights, predictions and recommendations to be spot-on and I consider him to be leading authority within the social media marketing industry.” January 11, 2010

Stephen G. Barr , CEO & Group Publisher , SGB Media Group, LLC

“Jay’s enthusiasm and drive are highly motivational characteristics. He has very strong interpersonal skills and uses them to develop deep and lasting relationships with business partners. He is a decisive, steadfast, hardworking, and dedicated individual. I would welcome the opportunity to work again with Jay in a professional capacity.” November 13, 2006

Bryan McCann , SVP Sales & Marketing

“Jay shows a unique insight into the buying behavior of media organizations. His knowledge of the market and it’s inner-workings created incredible value for his company. He was a tough, but fair negotiator in our business dealings.” November 8, 2006

Charlie Alsmiller , President , Summa Technology Group

“I’ve worked on a number of projects with Jay. He has proved to be creative and driven to help his clients and partners succeed.” November 7, 2006

John Rosso , SVP/Affiliate Relations & Business Admin , ABC Radio Networks, Inc./The Walt Disney Company

“As the visionary chairman of XSVoice, Jay Deragon grew the mobile audio company’s Mobile Broadcast Network with content deals from 100 or so content providers including the Associated Press, Disney, Fox News, Listen.com, National Public Radio, Sporting News Radio, and World Radio Network before selling the firm to UpSnap for about $6.3 million.” November 7, 2006

Ed Dodds , Strategist , Conmergence

“Jay is a wonderful “business market technician.” He finds business opportunities often long before even the “early adopters.” He analyzes and develops an understanding of the trends and special relationships which lead to the opportunity; and he can articulate the value potential very well. He relies upon others to assist with execution.” April 20, 2009

R. Steven Thing , CPA , Thing Professional Association

“I’m recommending Jay first and foremost because of his enormous integrity and honesty. I got to know him when I was a regular editorial contributor for RISK & INSURANCE magazine, putting together major features on risk-related issues affecting both the “sell” and “buy sides.” I wanted to do several feature stories on the insurance industry’s , inefficient and corporate-unfriendly use and sharing of data and information regarding its own clients; as executive director of the QIC, Jay helped walk me through all of these issues — any why the industry has continued to mismanage client data and information (particularly compared to other industries, such as financial services and banks). He knowledge of high tech, computer and software issues is unparalleled. When Jay jumps into a new project, you can be sure that he indeed is doing so with enormous quality, transparency and honesty in mind.” November 17, 2009

Lawrence Richter Quinn , Founder, editor-in-chief , CORPORATE RISK MANAGEMENT MAGAZINE

“Jay is a passionate man who locates and pulls the “levers” that make businesses run at their most profitable level. He becomes a teacher, mentor, servant and friend to all he comes in contact with.” April 19, 2007

Drew Bourke , CEO , Air, Land & Sea Jet Program

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