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Need A Speaker?

JTD speaking 1I enjoy an audience. More importantly I enjoy giving an audience more than is expected.

Over the last 25 years my career has enabled me to speak to audiences all over the world about a variety of management issues. My past experience in helping organizations accelerate improvements internally and externally have provided me with insights and knowledge that only comes from experience and application. Sharing my insights is a joy and a purpose.

From Tokyo, Zurich, London, Canada and most of the major metropolitan cities in the United States I have spoken at dozens of industry conferences and facilitated hundreds of educational seminars all over the world.

The topics I have presented include:

  1. Leveraging Social Media for Business
  2. What It Means To Be A Social Business
  3. Organizational Strategies That Create Edges
  4. Leveraging Intangibles to Create Improved Tangible Results
  5. Using Data to Learn & Improve
  6. The Emergence of The Relationship Economy
  7. Creating Strategic Intent Before Strategy
  8. The Art & Science of Building Communities
  9. Welcome To The Social Era
  10. The New Order of Business

And a host of other topics all centric to organizational adaptation to emerging trends and technology.  Feel free to contact me at jay.deragon@gmail to inquiry about having me speak to your organization or at an industry event.